Audio Transcription

Our services create a transcript from any audio or video file. Audio transcription services are offered of recorded meetings and interviews. Our expert transcriptionists provide accurate, timely, and secure transcripts. We offer transcription of audio materials in multiple formats.

Court Reporting Services

Court Reporting services include depositions, sworn statements, hearings, arbitrations, trials, municipal meetings, and corporate business meetings. Related services include daily copy/expedited delivery, video services, E-Transcripts, condensed transcripts with word index.

Tina is a Certified Shorthand Reporter in the State of Illinois and also a nationally certified realtime reporter with over 30 years of experience. Tina provides verbatim reporting in the legal community and spent 13 years as an official reporter for the DuPage County Judicial Center in Wheaton, Illinois. Tina is a member of the NCRA (National Court Reporting Association), ILCRA (Illinois Court Reporters Association), and STAR (Stenograph/Technologies/Agencies/Reporters). Her network of court reporters in Chicago come with years of experience and hold many certifications.


  • Depositions
  • Trials
  • Hearings
  • Arbitrations
  • Municipal proceedings
  • Annual shareholder meetings
  • Audiotape transcription
  • Meetings of all types


  • CSR: Illinois Certified Shorthand Reporter
  • RPR: Registered Professional Reporter
  • CRR: Certified Realtime Reporter
  • CCP: Certified CART Provider
  • BEP: Illinois Business Enterprise Program Vendor

CART Captioning

CART stands for Communication Access Realtime Translation. A certified CART captioner instantaneously translates what is spoken word-for-word into text that can be viewed in various forms. The near verbatim text can be displayed on computers, monitors, mobile devices, or projection screens. Text can also be displayed by overlaying two lines of text on a PC or other device with Text on Top technology. Our team of captioners offers CART on site and remotely for large or small events. In most instances a complimentary transcript is available upon request within 24 hours after the event.

How CART Works

Using a steno machine, a computer, and special software, the CART captioner in real time writes the spoken word instantly word-for-word in a classroom, meeting, or any event. It is immediately turned into text using CART software. For on-site CART services, a captioner will come to your event. For remote CART services, the captioner is offsite and the text appears on your personal computer or projector screen at the consumer’s location by streaming text to an internet URL for viewing. For both on-site CART and remote CART, text can be displayed on large screens for the benefit of many using using projection CART.

CART Benefits

CART is used primarily by people who are deaf or hard of hearing. However, CART is an excellent service for people who learned English as a second language. Furthermore, in addition to students with hearing loss, we have also provided CART for students who have attention deficit disorder or have a disability where note taking is difficult.

Equipment Needed

We provide all equipment needed. At a bare minimum, we bring a steno writing machine and laptop. A projector and screen are available upon request for projection CART. We can also offer Text on Top, iPads to view captions on, allowing the consumer to sit elsewhere in the classroom or event.


  • Classrooms
  • Lectures
  • Webinars
  • Graduations
  • Theater Performances
  • Museum Presentations
  • Meetings
  • Conventions
  • Training Seminars
  • Business Meetings
  • Seminars
  • Public Meetings
  • Religious Services
  • Funeral Services
  • Court Hearings
  • Trials